Becky carried around shame for twenty years as an abuse victim before experiencing the freedom of God's great mercy. It was through the revealing of her circumstance that Jesus came in and redeemed her story. Hoping to point everyone that hears her testimony to the healing power of the cross, #FreeToo was born in the quiet moments God whispered His great love over her pain.

Becky is a fervent writer, accidental speaker and a self-taught artist. She loves creamy coffee, wants to be a runner and advocates for victims. You can connect with Becky on her blog and her Instagram, where she posts daily. 


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Chrissie was born in Oklahoma but has made her home in Plano, Texas with Charlie, her husband, and high school sweetheart. With deep roots in both Women's Ministry and Corporate America, Chrissie has a unique perspective on what it is to equip and engage women where they are in life.


Chrissie is passionate about her walk with the Lord and lives by her favorite slogan, “The Party Don’t Stop!” She hopes every believer knows that eternal life begins when you meet Jesus and there is a party in heaven in your honor, forever! Catch up with her on The Wonder Podcast and her blog